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Portrait of a photo or partly from nature. Caricature of a photo or cartoon from nature

Please start a message like this: Hello, I need a picture (or cartoon) one person (or more) from life (or photo) size ... the term (!), Cheaper (and abruptly), preferably a pencil (or let alone oil on canvas ) money can not post (I am now temporarily restricted funds).

FIRST: Portrait or caricature;
SECOND: from nature or a photo.
THIRD: 1 or more persons (2-30)

I run faster caricatures of various events: presentations, parties and weddings.

Размеры разные и техники разные: от карандаша до масла. И цены поэтому разные – всё зависит от бюджета заказчика: от 500 р (линейный рисунок или в электронном виде, например, анимашечка на аватар) и выше (50х40 см и больше – маслом). Средняя цена 1,5-2 т.р. Это А3 формат — 30х40 см в цвете или карандашом (без разницы: карандашом даже интереснее порой получается, чем в цвете). Это для того я здесь так подробно описываю, чтобы Вы, перед тем, как звонить, уже слегка определились в размерах, технике, сроках.

I am doing caricatures in electronic form for the avatars, gif-animation and Flash-animated short movie clips with the cartoons, with little action. With more action - that's "another story".

Logo design, printing, outdoor advertising, WEB, animation

Разработка лого, дизайн фирменного стиля. Дизайн визитки – а распечатать можно в 1000-х мест!; делового письма, рекламных макетов разных типоразмеров. Дизайн и вёрстка: буклеты, каталоги (в т.ч. электронные, для Интернета, анимированные). Рекламная графика - графический дизайн, рекламная иллюстрация. Цены обсуждаются в зависимости от желаний и сроков. Предоплата от 500 р. ©


Education: Figure bases; CorelDRAW, PhotoShop, Flash, and others. - "Quick Start"

Learning the basics of drawing children and adults individually and in groups if typed group; in the summer on request - plein air
The price depends on the objectives of the student, the number of classes. To adjust to the schedule of the student.
For example, people want to understand, to see, to try the process of oil painting, pastels, drawing.
Or an applicant need to quickly figure out how to paint plaster head: where to start, what to pay attention in the first place. Fundamentals of drawing - Course 8 lessons (2 acad. Hours).
Prices are discussed individually. ©


The illustrations and advertising design

Sponsored illustrations, infographics, advertising models. Animation gif and Flash.
Drawing vector image of the photo with a perfect resemblance. For example, the avatar for use on a mug, T-shirt.
Cashless payments. The prices depend on the customer's budget, timing.


Sell oil paintings, acrylic, pastels and graphics

Picture - a good gift when you do not know what to give for a housewarming, anniversary, family party. The author creates a picture of the mood in the house conveys the soul of the artist.

Types of Novosibirsk, Siberian nature Summer forest, winter forest, landscape with water: river, sail on the Ob Sea. As well as semi-abstract, decorative paintings, suggestive "of the eternal, not noisy."

Dimensions: 30 x 40 (there is even less), 40 x 50; 50 x 70. There are 120 x 90 [still-life with a samovar and the topic of sailing races].
There on the canvas, there is a special thick cardboard on hardboard (MDF).

Price depends on the technique (than anything) and size.

Selling author's drawing: pencil, charcoal, sanguine, sepia, sauce, pastel.

The picture there is only one! These are not "pictures" in a beautiful part of what is printed on the fabric "under canvas" millions. And no photos printed thousand copies. On my site updated photographs of works sometimes. I make pictures to order.



Banners, flash banners

Flash banners or Gif-banners to advertise on the Internet, as well as advertising on video monitors.
FLASH-animation can serve as a decoration for your site visitors to create a good mood and explaining the relevant, the dates of your actions.
FLASH-animation - is not so much because everyone already bored with his flashing on various sites banerochki and interactive - a clickable - applications, including audio, video, text. It booklets, catalogs of various goods. Explanatory, educational animated films.


Купить / Заказать

картину, пастель, портрет, шарж, иллюстрацию,

логотип, эмблему, визитку, буклет, и др. виды графического рекламного дизайна,

сайт, flash, gif -анимацию для сайта

анимационную рекламу, анимационный ролик,

таблички, вывески, номерки — дизайн+исполнение(исполнять будет фирма одного из моих сокурсников по художеств. уч-щу, специализирующаяся на этом)


extensive experience working remotely: graphic designer, coder [printing], illustrator, artist-designer of flash-banners

Development of original logos, images Vectoring - translation bitmap image into a vector for application to various surfaces t-shirts, mugs, flags, diaries, pens, caps, cards, bags and others. Souvenirs for holidays

8 952 905 0346
на главную сайта портрет на заказ продажа картин маслом в новосибирске шарж на заказ отрисовка по фотографии аватарка продажа графических работ